Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Forex.com adds Google Mini Search for online traders

Written by Steve Suhocki
GAIN Capital Group (www.forex.com)

FOREX.com is a division of GAIN Capital Group, LLC, one of the most respected online foreign exchange trading firms in the industry. Founded in 1999, GAIN Capital Group provides forex trading & asset management services to institutional investors and professional money managers in over 140 countries.

When we decided to redesign our website, www.forex.com, in 2006, we knew search would be an important feature for end users. We selected the Google Mini because our research confirmed that the Google Mini combines Google's reliable search technology with the ease of use and integration users desire.

The Google Mini has delivered a number of key benefits including helping us reduce our bounce rate. The longer users visit and search our site, the more likely they are to sign up for our services. Since we work in a financial industry, there are many terms that can be unfamiliar to the user. Providing users search in an integrated fashion allows them to find what they are looking for on our website, and not bounce to another search engine.

We've found the Google Mini offers a number of attributes that have made it an integral component to our web site infrastructure:

* Reliability – We've had it consistently running since we plugged it in, without any downtime. It's nice to have a box that doesn't require a reset periodically to ensure quality performance.

* Customization - Without any previous knowledge of XSLT to start, we were able to customize the layout to match our website.

* Foreign Language Support - Our brand services four major languages, and the two we've implemented to date, we've done so easily.

* Viewable Metrics – With the Google Mini, we can analyze what our users find most interesting, and decide whether new content needs to be added to the website to meet those needs.

Perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay the Google Mini is that I practically implemented the whole solution myself.

The Google Mini is a simple, quick solution backed by search technology that works