Monday, October 22, 2007

CouponWinner increases sales via effective site search

Written by Aydin Karadeniz
President & CEO, Inc., a provider of online coupons and promotional codes, requires an effective keyword search tool. Through Google Mini, our users have access to more than 2,000 merchants and tens-of-thousands of online coupons.

Initially we used a basic search feature, but our needs began to outgrow its limited capabilities as our traffic increased. The Google Mini not only helped us build a user-friendly website, but aided in increasing our number of sales by 100%. And users feel comfortable with the Google Mini search feature because it closely resembles the Google interface they use everyday.

Google Mini also allows us to track user activities and enhance our site based on the results. With Google Mini we can see what our users are specifically searching for, and we are thus able to customize offerings to better fulfill their needs. Recently, we optimized our category selections based on user search trends we discovered with the Google Mini. It also allows us to view the exact coupons our users are looking for so we can be sure to maximize exposure of the most popular ones.

The KeyMatch feature has also been a great tool for our business. Based on words entered by a user, we can program Google Mini to display particular merchants. It creates an additional, highly sought after placement opportunity for our merchants. It increases our sales by immediately directing users to the offers they are most likely to use.

At, the shopper is our first concern. The primary goal of our site is to help people save money, simply and easily, everyday. Time is money and we want our users to save both. The Google Mini significantly amplifies usability and allows us to better serve our customers. is the most user-friendly site on the web and the Google Mini has proven to be an invaluable tool.