Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Nuvo.net leverages Google Mini KeyMatch and reporting

Written by Kris Arnold
IT Manager
Nuvo.net (www.nuvo.net)

NUVO.net is the web site counterpart to NUVO, Indianapolis' popular weekly publication for real news in local, politics, culture and art. The web site covers all the stories in the print publication and more – including videos, podcasts, streaming music and photo galleries as well as access to the interactive myNUVO community, for an easy way for NUVO readers to connect with one another.

Our website contains thousands of archived articles from our newspaper dating back to 1995. Many of these articles are stored as static html files - from before we were using modern database technology to power our article management.

We knew we needed to incorporate search technology into our site and the question we had to answer was how best to do so. We could have developed our own search system but we would have lost a tremendous amount of time with development, and even then, we could not have matched the advanced searching capabilities the Google Mini has delivered to NUVO.net

There are a number of features that set the Google Mini apart from competitor offerings, and the keymatch features is my personal favorite. On a monthly basis, I can now pull a report of what people are searching for, and based on these results, I use keymatch to setup keywords based on popular searches to help guide users to the content I think they were most likely trying to find.

With the Google Mini, Nuvo.net is deploying an affordable, powerful search technology that enables our users to easily and quickly find content that previously would have been lost in a virtual needle and haystack.