Friday, December 21, 2007

Scott Jordan
Founder and Chief Executive

1) Why did you need Google CSBE?

SCOTTEVEST(SeV), offers consumers clothing designed to accommodate
electronic devices and their wires. Our products allow you to both
carry and use electronic devices including cell phones, PDA's,
cameras, as well as other items such as keys, water bottles, eye
glasses, etc. The SeV web site,, needed a powerful site search
solution that could handle our multi-media-rich content archives, and
we also wanted to control the user-experience and focus the results on
SeV pages only.

2) What technology, if any, did it replace and why?

CSBE replaced standard Google Site Search, as well as an outdated
"Product Quick Finder" that helped people get directly to our 2 dozen
products, but not to any of the rich supporting content that helps
make the SeV shopping experience unique and enjoyable.

3) What benefits have you derived from using the CSBE?

We know that our site search experience is now much smoother and more
intuitive from a usability perspective. We also know that our site
searchers stay with us vs. clicking off to other natural and paid
search links/sites. As a Google tool shop, we already use
Google Docs (to keep our network of contractors working together) and of course the main Google engine.

4) Features of Google CSBE you appreciate most and why?
We like the ability to limit searches by domain, sub-domain and the
ability to exclude specific site areas /directories from search. We
also appreciate the ability to customize the results experience in
order to maintain brand consistency.

5) What's been the overall impact of using Google CSBE for ScotteVest

Our customer experience has been exceptional. CSBE has provided us easy dynamic information without us having to worry about the architecture of the file structure. And by deploying CSBE, we also add credibility to the SCOTTEVEST brand.

6) Advise you'd give others in implementing the Google CSBE for their company's use?
Do it. How else can you spend $100 and know without a doubt that you
are (1) keeping more hard-earned traffic on your site and (2) making
your shopping experience measurably "bettersmarterfastersmoother" for
your most interested and valuable customers?