Friday, December 21, 2007

Layla Rudy
Webmaster, EMC Insignia

About EMC Insignia

Building upon EMC’s leadership and expertise, is a large website that features six information management software products for small and medium businesses. Our site architecture has three tiers, and between product support pages, informational PDFs, and product comparison tables, there is a lot of data.

The Issue

We did not have any search technology prior to implementing CSBE, and it was definitely overdue.

The Solution

CSBE was simple and quick to set up, and there is almost no maintenance. With constant updates to the site, it is convenient to have this solution that runs itself. The control panel is easy to use, and we were able to tailor the search results page to conform to our branding standards.

Business Impact

1.Our customers see the familiar Google brand and search results page, which is clean and acts just like regular Google searches, so the customer doesn’t have to navigate another interface to find their information. With CSBE, users can search PDF, Excel and web pages to find exactly what they need.

2.The CSBE helps our customers access data quickly, get answers to common support questions, and find key product features. This not only helps customers; it helps our support staff worldwide as well. We have saved valuable technical support resources, reduced the number of incoming support calls, reduced the number of product refunds, and helped customers choose the right product.

In addition, there has been an approximate 85% decrease in customer-requested refunds. Since customers are able to find product information more easily, they are able to find the correct product for their needs. For the same reasons, we have also seen an approximate 20% increase in e-commerce sales.

4. Our support staff can quickly find links, documentation, and common answers to direct customers to in the case of on-the-fly inbound calls.

5.On the first full day of implementation of CSBE, we had 90 queries, and our statistics had reached almost 200 queries per day by the fourth day. Our site has an average of 2,300 visitors per day. By the end of the first week, almost 10% of our visitors were using CSBE.

Advice for others?

Google CSBE is so simple and quick to set up, there’s really no additional support needed. The only thing I would say is to make sure the search box is in a prominent place: CSBE makes it really easy to find information, but CSBE shouldn’t be difficult to find!

Are there particular industry specific uses that CSBE was able to add value to?

Support: searching for keywords and finding answers within our FAQ’s and support articles more quickly.

Sales: key product benefits are easily searchable, purchasing methods are found more quickly, Channel Partners can find part numbers and pricing immediately.

Product info: Google’s automatic spellchecker helps customers find the correct product information quickly.