Monday, September 24, 2007's site search is powered by a Google Mini

Written by Pat Kelly
General Manager
eCompressedair (www.

Charlotte, NC based eCompressedair serves the compressed air market through its e-commerce business-to-business Website: As a growing web-based business, offering more than 25,000 products for sale, we realized that improved search was THE business tool needed to enhance customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Our existing search technology had several downsides: it only indexed store product pages, could not recognize partial part numbers, and often returned inaccurate search results. After considering a variety of search alternatives, we selected the Google Mini for a variety of reasons:

· It's a low risk business decision;

· delivers relevant search results formatted similar to results providing customers with search familiarity they appreciate

· provides keyword and synonym functionality;

·requires little technical know-how and can be seamlessly integrated with any site

Rolling out the Mini was a smooth process. From out of the box to crawling our website took only minutes. And for any questions, I found the Mini's online support website well organized, stocked with a wealth of data, and easy-to-use.

We've found that the Mini has added value across the board – from easily managing subcollections, URL removal and retrieval errors to assisting our inside sales and service reps for use with customer service.

Most of all, the Mini has improved our bottom line. Web, phone, and fax orders all increased as a direct result of improved search capabilities. And in a seven month period directly post installation of the Google Mini – with no additional changes to our website - website transactions increased 204%.