Monday, September 24, 2007

ESAB Welding simplifies search with a Google Mini

Written by Danny Young
Manager of Ebusiness Development
ESAB Welding (

ESAB is a leading manufacturer of welding and cutting equipment and welding filler metals. More than 100 years of continuous research, development and manufacturing have made ESAB the world leader in welding and cutting.

The Google Mini has enabled ESAB to seamlessly and effortlessly mold two website search tools into one and has been selected as the global search tool for more than 40 ESAB websites comprised of 30+ languages.

Our product catalog is hosted with a 3rd party provider in Philadelphia and our company websites are hosted in an ESAB facility in Florence, South Carolina. Prior to the Google Mini, our search technology required a user to choose between two search interfaces – one specifically for product information and one for company information. This resulted in a confusing experience for many customers who often used the wrong search box for the particular information they were seeking.

The Google Mini solved the problem by providing a low-cost solution that indexes both sites and provides a single search interface for both product and company information.

The Mini's features including multi-language capabilities, intuitive administration interface, filtering capabilities, the keymatch feature, synonym functionality and the trusted Google "familiarity" have been instrumental in making search at a rewarding customer experience.

The key match feature allows ESAB to target specific content based on the customer’s keyword input. ESAB can suggest relevant content to improve the customers experience while at the same time, up selling ESAB products.

The Google Mini experience – from its quick, easy-to-install set up to its accurate sub-second delivery of accurate results – has enabled ESAB to migrate from a cumbersome search interface to the best in the business.