Monday, December 17, 2007

Jeff Frey


Keystone Country Store

1) Why did you need the Google Mini?
We purchased the Google Mini to increase customer satisfaction on our retail website. We wanted our customers to have a consummate user experience that Google customers everyday to find whatever it is their heart desires.

2) What technology did the Google Mini replace and why?

The Google Mini replaced the antiquated search software that came with our shopping cart package years ago. We wanted our customer to be able find one of more than 12,000 items in seconds, with the highest level of relevance to keywords typed. Does anyone do it better than Google? We thought not and better yet the learning curve for the customers was eliminated due to strong user preference for Google search online by Internet users.

3) What benefits have you derived from using the Google Mini
We’ve experienced a significant increase in sales conversions across the board in all categories; while driving our call center phone calls down for issues related to “Can’t find X-Y-Z item online” or do you stock this particular item.

4) Features of the Google Mini you appreciate most and why?
The best thing about our Google Mini is the customer experience bar-none. The application allows our customers to quickly learn how to use it; and the results are second to none.

5) What's been the overall impact of using the Google Mini for Key Stone?
The Google Mini has helped deliver higher sales conversion across the board, a reduction in the number of problem phone calls to our call center, better customer service and increased confidence in our brand. Bottom line: it was one of the best technology decisions we’ve ever made.