Monday, November 5, 2007

Search for FOREX Market Website ACM

John Hatzakortzian

Head of Web & Marketing

ACM Advanced Currency Markets

ACM (Advanced Currency Markets) is the world leader in online currency and precious metal trading. Founded in 2002, the company places innovation, efficiency, and user friendliness at the heart of its technical development strategy.

ACM trading platforms are aimed at private individuals and institutional clients. A white label solution is available for banks or financial institutions that want to offer their customer such a service.

The online trading business is very technology sensitive; therefore any innovation is welcome that increases user friendliness and reliability. A lot of our customers are looking for educational content and general information about the FOREX market. And our website is full of this kind of content, but we had no internal search engine to help customers and staff easily find information sought.

So when we completely redesigned our corporate Website we really wanted to do it in a way that reflects our quest for improved technology – including search. And in researching the best internal search engine, we came to the conclusion that any in house developed solution couldn't be better than a Google algorithm based search engine, as far as relevance of the results is concerned. And for ACM, Google’s Custom Search Business Edition (CSBE) was clearly the search tool that provides the most reliability, efficacy and ease of use.

The keyword search feature and the speed of the CSBE have been invaluable and from a web marketing point of view, the CSBE has allowed us to track the most sought after content and make sure it's easily available.

The CSBE as a whole has enabled us to improve our user experience, user friendliness and increase our tech legitimacy within the FOREX market.