Thursday, October 25, 2007

Enterprise Superstar Questions

We've heard so many fascinating anecdotes about customers who've used the Google Mini and Google Custom Search Business Edition in innovative ways that we created the Google universal search Superstar Award program to recognize the companies and the employees chiefly involved.

Google Search Superstar Award winners receive a physical award (a cool, custom-made robot crafted out of Legos), a site badge they can use in marketing materials to identify their organization as search innovators, public recognition by Google, and a box of coveted Google goodies (you'll have to win to find out what these are).

We will choose new Google Search Superstar Award winners on a frequent basis primarily based on the product success stories that customers submit.

2007 Enterprise Superstars:

Please reply to with the answers to the following questions:

Your name:
Company name:
URL of implementation:

1) Why did you need Google Mini/Custom Search Business Edition (CSBE)?

2) What technology, if any, did it replace and why?

3) What benefits have you derived from using Google Mini/CSBE?
(List as many as you'd like; quantifiable benefits if available)

4) What features of Mini/CSBE do you appreciate most and why?

5) Are you using Google Analytics on your website?

6) What's been the overall impact of using Google Mini/CSBE on your website/internally? (Please include statistics where applicable, thanks)

7) Do you have any advice you'd give others in implementing the Google Mini/CSBE for their company's use?

8) Are there particular industry specific uses that CSBE was able to add value to? (I.e. Travel: finding pricing information on travel sites, Museum/Artwork: finding foreign artist name abbreviations/hydrogenations with Google's automatic spellchecker)